Friday, August 7, 2009

Your Side Sucks When...

You compare the attempt give more Americans access to health care to the damned Holocaust.

Also, anybody comparing what these mobs are doing at town halls to the Boston Tea Party should do the world a favor and remove themselves from the gene pool.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Telling Both Sides

The biggest thing that drives me nuts about today's traditional media is how their attempts to appear impartial allow really stupid shit to become part of the mainstream discussion on policy issues.

Take for example the 'Obama wants to kill old people' craziness going around. A Republican claims Obama wants to kill old people a Democrat says no he doesn't then we cut to commerical. A responsible press would point out that no Obama doesn't want to kill old people and the Republicans spouting this were making shit up. That wouldn't be taking sides, that would be reporting the facts.

I do a lot of fantasy football writing. If I just made up a bunch of facts and figures nobody would publish me work. Senators/Congressmen/pundits that make shit up should have the same problem.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Why I Am Avoiding Matt Cassel

Pretty much sums it up.
The Chiefs worked out free agents Amani Toomer, David Terrell and D.J. Hackett on Monday, indicating they may be in the market for a veteran wide receiver.

A lot of people seem to be pretty high on him this season based off what he did last year in New England. He ain't in New England anymore folks. That means no Randy Moss. That means no Wes Welker. That means Dwayne Bowe and.....Amani Toomer? I like Bowe, but the fact they are working out guys like Amani Toomer and David Terrell isn't all that reassuring. I'm not saying Cassel will be a bust, but you can get much better value passing on Cassel.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Health Care Stupidity

I really wish that whenever a Republican/conservative/idiot proclaims that we can't have government run health care that somebody would ask them why are they so against Medicare.

The problem is that Democrats are stupid.

Greg Lalas Gets Paid To Write Articles...

That kinda suck.

Lalas is worried that 1860 (a team in the 2.Bundesliga) isn't the right team for Kenny Cooper (an American soccer player) to transfer to in order to make the US WC roster. Why?
And the reality is the 2.Bundesliga is not glamorous. Sure, Cooper will make more money than he did in MLS, but he's going to have to fight and claw for every little inch, for every chance, for every goal. There are no guarantees 1860 is going to be anything more than mediocre. Yes, 1860 plays its home matches in the magnificent 69,000-seat Allianz Arena, which it half-fills on good days. But that just serves to remind all of us on the outside 1860 is not Bayern Munich, which sells out every home game in the same stadium.

I guess Lalas thinks that the best way for Cooper to get on the WC roster is just to cash it in with Dallas in the oh so glamorous MLS.

I wish I knew Alexi Lalas so I could get paid to write really stupid articles. Instead, I end up doing it for free.

People I Hate

People who continually pause conversations with me so they can text back and forth with somebody who is too lazy to call them.


Anybody seen this travesty of a show? The hosts discuss some irrelevant sports topic and then their six viewers vote on some aspect of the story. Not all of it is sports stuff. One of the things they asked their viewers was 'Will you eat a serving of vegetables this week?'. Really?

I think it is also fair to point out that the people who actually like Colin Cowherd are idiots, assholes or both. No exceptions.